How O2Vent Treats Obstructed Sleep Apnea

The O2Vent airway channel has been incorporated into each device enabling unobstructed air to flow through the O2Vent to the back of the throat, bypassing common sites of obstruction such as the nose, tongue, and soft palate. It does this by allowing:

  1. Air to be drawn into the O2Vent Optima if there is a nasal or soft palate blockage
  2. Air to pass through to the back of the throat
  3. The O2Vent Optima to advance and stabilize the lower jaw moving the tongue forward and opening the airway.

How The O2Vent Optima Works

The O2Vent Optima Technology

The O2Vent Optima is a medical therapy device for anyone with obstructed sleep apnea. Here is how the O2Vent Optima compares to any other oral medical treatments:

  1. The O2Vent Optima is a precision 3D nylon printed medical device with durable nylon customized to fit each unique individual’s bite.
  2. The O2Vent Optima is a comfortable and discreet alternative to a CPAP machine used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
  3. It has a mechanism of helping to advance the jaw forward encouraging a more open airway.
  4. It incorporates an airway channel that further stabilizes the airway to help you get a good night’s sleep.