How to Get Started


Start with a Free Consultation with one of our Sleep Professionals to review the process and see if you’re a fit for O2Vent Optima.


If you’re a candidate, we’ll ship you an impression kit and schedule a Virtual Impression Appointment with a board certified dentist.


During your Virtual Impression Appointment you'll be guided to use the impression kit. If you prefer to get scanned in person, that is an option as well at one of our locations near you.


Device is 3D printed and delivered to your home.


Our dentist guides you virtually for fitting and how to maintain your new O2Vent Optima.

No Insurance Coverage? No Worries. We take the hassle out of it for you with flexible payment plans.

Check if our O2Vent Optima is covered by one of our many in-network insurance providers or discuss a pricing plan that fits your budget!

Once you’ve scheduled a call with one of our Sleep Specialists we’ll start the process and get our easy-to-use impression kit delivered to the comfort of your home. There’s no CPAP machine, no masks needed, and a no-risk money-back guarantee on any up-front payment!

Due to my new Oventus device I have found that I am sleeping far better. Previously I had a sleep apnea machine with a long hose and a nose piece. I was constantly battling with the hose because I felt like it was always pulling on my head.

- Blake S.

The last thing I need to worry about is using my CPAP machine safely in the station when I already have little time to catch up on sleep. With the O2Vent Optima, I’m able to sleep, and more importantly, I and the other paramedics who have access to this device have peace of mind.

- Tim B.

The O2Vent Optima has changed my life. I didn’t even realize how tired I felt before, much less that I could feel sooo much better! Increased energy, feeling refreshed, less foggy, etc. So thank you!! I’m a believer.

- Lisa S.

This device allows me to breathe through my nose very easily which stops dry mouth and the need to drink water in the night which also stops frequent trips to the bathroom in the night. I put this device into the “life changing” event category.”

- Randy M.

“The sooner you try the O2Vent Optima, the sooner you can enjoy a normal life again without feeling tired and moody.”

- Sarah A.